Monday, November 17, 2008


People around the world...
Whether in a car, house, walking, or anywhere make some noise from 5:08PM until 5:16PM in your timezone. Try to video everything with your cell phones or cameras and upload! Get them online the day of the protest quickly so we can see the noise coming around the world.

If driving in a car:
  • put your hazards on and
  • blast that horn for 8 minutes!
If you're parked with your car:
  • sit down in it and blast that horn or
  • turn your car alarm on for 8 minutes
If you're walking:
  • stop then
  • scream for 8 minutes;
  • or stand completely still
  • make sign (look for downloads this weekend)
If you're home:
  • go outside bang some pots and pans for 8 minutes or
  • blast some music
  • but just make lots of noise

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