Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why Prop 8 is Wrong

As evidenced from Obama’s historic win, individuals make a huge difference in politics when they take action. As all of you know ‘No on Prop 8’ was as important to me as electing a new president.

Prop 8 passed in California because of misinformation presented in an ad campaign largely financed by the Mormon Church. As some of you may know, in America religious institutions cannot legislate or influence legislation directly in anyway. It violates their tax exemption status. The idea of separation of church and state must be upheld so that no one group’s beliefs dictate the lives of others. Well, that is what happened with an ad campaign financed by the Mormon Church which is believed to have funded up 40% of the Yes on 8 campaign.

Please take a moment and fax, or scan/email these two forms outlined on this site to the IRS.

For those who do not know, Prop 8 writes discrimination into the California Constitution by calling out that a specific group cannot marry – gays. Whether you believe in a gay lifestyle or not, we must maintain equality for all, especially at the core of the Constitution. Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont already recognize gay marriage as well as 15 other countries including Canada. Two last points, interracial marriages used to be illegal in 10 states, but this was deemed unconstitutional; and the idea of separate but equal existed for blacks up until the 1960s, but now the idea of having different water fountains for different races is seen as ignorant and discriminatory. The debate over gay marriage is the same. We MUST fight now to take this next step toward equality. Help send a message to organizations who think their unique beliefs should be legislated for all.

Spend a few minutes to fill out and send the above forms for equality.

Shane & Elizabeth

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More information:

We are fighting on many fronts right now to stop this illegal challenge to equality. For more information about the issue go to:

If you have time:
  • Forward this message on to several friends everywhere to force this issue to the foreground at the IRS
  • Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper about this issue
  • Join a demonstration for the bold

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