Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Press Release: Noise Protest Against Prop 8 on Wednesday 19

Imagine a world where equality exists. Honk Against H8 is working to create that world, one noise at a time. On Wednesday November 19, 2008 at 5:08PM until 5:16PM in every respective time zone, there will will thousands of people in hundreds of cities around the globe making noise to protest the inequality of California’s Proposition 8, and the hate that it represents. The streets will fill with blaring noise and lights for eight minutes. This is a chance to show solidarity and stand up against H8.

What can you do before the day? Print a sign. Put it in your window or on your backpack. Email your friends to get them ready, download a banner and put it on your site with our link, blog about it, and add it to every social network from Digg, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or anywhere.

On the day of the event, November 19, make sure to set your alarm, your computer reminders, your cellphone alert, or that friend who somehow keeps track of everything for you. At 5:08, get your sign and make some noise.

While driving, honk the horn, flash lights, and turn on the hazards. If near the car but cannot drive, then get in it and lay on that horn, or turn the car alarm. If walking or biking, stop, get out the noise maker, and hold up the sign for 8 minutes. Keep the sound going for the whole eight minutes. If at home or on a plane, blare the song “Holiday” from Madonna. That’s Honk Against H8’s anthem and we’ve changed the words on our website to drive home the message of equality. Record a video of you and friends singing it, and post it on Youtube with the tags HonkAgainstH8. Get creative and have fun! We’ll find the best efforts and publicize it on our website – www.HonkAgainstH8.com.

Reversing Proposition 8 is an opportunity to setup a beachhead, a point from which we cannot regress. Our march forward to equality has been steady over the last few decades, and we must maintain this pace, if not quicken it. That is why Honk Against H8 was created to announce that hate must end.

Proposition 8 must be overturned so that equality and innovation can remain California’s calling cards. We want the world to see that H8 cannot be tolerated under the guise of religious belief. Differences in opinion will always remain, but as the younger generation is proving, their voice and belief in equality will prevail. To a wider note, equality is not an ideal shared only by youth. There are millions of allies of all ages, backgrounds and ideals, who hold this to be true – all people are created equal.

Take stand and be loud on November 19, from 5:08-5:16PM in your time zone. Video everything for the internet.

Remember H8 and Prop 8 are not options.

Honk Against H8 was founded by Elizabeth Hanlin and Shane Snipes to help make the world a better place through awareness. As Shane says when saying goodbye to friends, “Change the world.”

Shane Snipes


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